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Use iPhone/iPad/Watch as a bike computer/tracker.

Bike Meter allows you to create and follow routes and track your path. Send/receive data via iCloud to another device.


Bike Meter runs on Apple Watch as well.

- Compass heading (mag/true) (HDG)
- Course over ground (COG)
- Speed over ground (SOG)
- Average SOG (ASOG)
- Maximum SOG (MSOG)
- Trip Distance (TRIP)
- Trip Time (TIME)
- Bearing to Waypoint (BTW)
- Distance to Waypoint (DTW)
- Time to Waypoint (TTG)
- Cross Track Error (XTE)
- Clock utc/local (CLK)
- Altitude (ALT)
- Maximum Altitude (MALT)
- Ascent (ASC)
- Descent (DSC)
* Speed (SPD)
* Cadence (CAD)
* Heart Rate (HRT)
- Position (POS)

* = Bluetooth LE device e.g. Yamaha LCD-X required

- Create and follow routes
- Create and view tracks
- Share the tracks by email (GPX)

- Three data pages with different font sizes
- Three color modes for day and night (black/white, white/black, red/black, blue/black)
- Supported units: mph / mi, km/h / km

- Tap the value of any field to cycle through the color modes
- Tap the title of any field (such as TIME) to select the data to the field
- Tap a unit to cycle through the unit modes
- Tap the LOCK to lock/unlock the screen (orientation and other functionality except scrolling and TIME/ASOG/MSOG/TRIP/MALT/ASC/DSC reset) - Press the value of any field at least two seconds to reset the TIME, ASOG, MSOG, TRIP, MALT, ASC and DSC
- Rename a route and a track by tapping the name of it
- Location services are switched on by default. They can be switched on/off by tapping the coordinates. It is suggested to switch off before you exit in order to conserve power. If the application is put in background it runs 30 minutes before being suspended.

- The trip time runs while moving (SOG > 0)
- The COG is shown while moving (SOG > 0)

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