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Use your iPhone/iPad/Watch as a marine instrument display (MID) and navigation aid instead of buying an expensive mast or a repeater display.
Mount your iPhone/iPad to the mast or the cockpit and use it just as a traditional device. You can even attach the iPhone to your wrist using a waterproof armband and access the data where ever you are on the boat.
MID allows you to create and follow routes and track your path. Send and receive data through iCloud over the Internet. It also calculates the angle of heel.


Marine Instrument Display runs on Apple Watch as well.

- Compass heading (mag/true) (HDG)
- Course over ground (COG)
- Speed over ground (SOG)
- Average SOG (ASOG)
- Maximum SOG (MSOG)
- Trip Distance (TRIP)
- Trip Time (TIME)
- Countdown Timer (CDT)
- Distance To Line (DTL)
- Time To Line (TTL)
- Heeling (HLG)
- Bearing to Waypoint (BTW)
- Distance to Waypoint (DTW)
- Time to Waypoint (TTG)
- Cross Track Error (XTE)
- Velocity Made Good to Waypoint (VMGwpt)
- Clock utc/local (CLK)
- Position (POS)

- Create and follow routes
- Create and view tracks
- Share the tracks by email (GPX)

- Anchor Alarm (distance)

- Three data pages with different font sizes
- Three color modes for day and night (black/white, white/black, red/black)
- Supported units: kt / nm, mph / mi, km/h / km

- Tap the value of any field to cycle through the color modes
- Tap the title of any field (such as TIME) to select the data to the field
- Tap a unit to cycle through the unit modes
- Tap the unit (°) of the heeling (HLG) to calibrate (zero angle)
- Tap the LOCK to lock/unlock the screen (orientation and other functionality except scrolling and TIME/ASOG/MSOG/TRIP reset) - Press the value of any field at least two seconds to reset the TIME, ASOG, MSOG and TRIP
- Rename a route and a track by tapping the name of it
- Location services are switched on by default. They can be switched on/off by tapping the coordinates. It is suggested to switch off before you exit in order to conserve power. If the application is put in background it runs 30 minutes before being suspended.

- The trip time runs while moving (SOG > 0)
- The COG is shown while moving (SOG > 0)

- Configure the start time (1 - 30 minutes) by touching the SET to enter the Settings view
- Start/sync the timer by touching the "sync"
- Stop the timer by touching the "sync" at least two seconds
- The timer beeps every minute and when 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 second(s) are remaining

1. The back cover must be faced forward accurately in order to get the correct compass heading.
2. Mount the iPhone/iPad securely and make sure it cannot move accidentally to ANY direction.
3. Tap the unit field (°) of the heeling (HLG). HLG is set to zero and the heading shows the correct value.

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