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Use your iPhone/iPad as an advanced marine instrument display for sailing instead of buying an expensive traditional external display. MID WiFi presents the information from the navigation system, AIS targets, the angle of heel and the predicted boat speed. The applications also features an innovative wind view, race starter and various alarms.

MID WiFi receives the data (NMEA0183) over the WiFi and/or from the internal compass and GPS. The VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) tables can be easily copy&pasted to the application from an email message or a web site.

(full version)

(free evaluation version)

- Compass heading (mag/true) (HDG)
* Course over ground (COG)
* Speed over ground (SOG)
* Average SOG (ASOG)
* Maximum SOG (MSOG)
* Trip Distance (TRIP)
* Trip Time (TIME)
- Countdown Timer (CDT)
- Distance to Line (DTL)
- Time to Line (TTL)
- Heeling (HLG)
* Position (POS)
** Apparent wind angle and speed (AWA, AWS)
** True wind angle and speed (TWA, TWS)
** Maximum True and Apparent Wind Speed (MAWS, MTWS)
** True wind direction (TWD)
** Velocity Made Good to Wind (VMGwnd)
** Velocity Made Good to Waypoint (VMGwpt)
** Boat speed (SPD)
** Maximum Boat Speed (MSPD)
** Depth (DPT)
** Air and Sea Temperatures (AIR, SEA)
** Barometric Pressure (BPR)
** Bearing to Waypoint (BTW)
** Distance to Waypoint (DTW)
** Time to Waypoint (TTG)
** Cross Track Error (XTE)
** Predicted Boat Speed (PSPD)
** Boat Speed to Predicted Boat Speed Ratio (SPR)
** Revolutions Per Minute (Engine/Shaft) (RPM)
** Propeller Pitch (PRP)
** NoLand Eng. Analog Values (EAV1-5)
** TackTick MicroNet Free Format PTAK sentences (FFP1-4)

* = Internal GPS or NMEA-WiFi bridge required
** = NMEA-WiFi bridge required (e.g. SailTimer Wind Vane, Simrad/Lowrance/B&G GoFree WIFI-1, RS232-WiFi, Digital Yacht iAIS/WLN10, ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi, iMux, Ockam LANbridge)

- Shows Apparent and True Wind Angles simultaneously
- The size of the blue sector indicates the variation of the wind direction

- AIS targets (speed, TCPA, CPA) (**
- View and store the tracks
- Share the tracks by email (GPX)

- Depth (Deep, Shallow)
- Anchor (Deep, Shallow, Distance)
- Wind (AWA/TWA/AWS/TWS High/Low, TWD Shift)

- Three pages with different font sizes
- Three color modes for day and night (black/white, white/black, red/black)
- Supported units: kt / nm, mph / mi, km/h / km, m / ft, °C / °F

- Tap the SET to enter the Settings page
- Tap the value of any field to cycle through the color modes
- Tap the title of any field (such as TIME) to select the data to the field
- Tap a unit to cycle through the unit modes
- Tap the unit (°) of the heeling (HLG) to calibrate (zero angle)
- Press the value of any field at least two seconds to reset the TIME, ASOG, MSOG and TRIP
- Swipe to switch between data pages
- Rename the track by tapping the name of it
- The NMEA data of a track is accessible via iTunes File Sharing
- Tap the LOCK to lock/unlock the screen (orientation and other functionality except scrolling and TIME/ASOG/MSOG/TRIP reset)
- The location services are switched on by default. They can be switched on/off by tapping the coordinates. It is suggested to switch off before you exit in order to conserve power. If the application is put in background it runs 30 minutes before being suspended.

- The trip time runs while moving (SOG > 0)
- The COG is shown while moving (SOG > 0) (internal GPS)

- See the User's Guide of your NMEA-WiFi bridge for the IP address and the port
- UDP broadcast/multicast
. - IP address
. - Port 2050 for Simrad GoFree discovery (NSS 2.0)
. - Port 2052 for Simrad GoFree discovery (NSS 2.5)
. - Port 5000-5010 for Ockam LANbridge
. - Port 55554 for SailTimer Wind Vane

More configuration instructions at the end of the page.

- Mark the position of the Committee Boat by touching the (+) button
- Move to the position of the Pin and mark the position by touching the (+) button
- The distance to the above positions are shown next to the (+) buttons

- Configure the start time (1 - 30 minutes) by touching the SET to enter the Settings view
- Start/sync the timer by touching the "sync"
- Stop the timer by touching the "sync" at least two seconds
- The timer beeps every minute and when 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 second(s) are remaining

1. The back cover must be faced forward accurately in order to get the correct compass heading.
2. Mount the iPhone/iPad securely and make sure it cannot move accidentally to ANY direction.
3. Tap the unit field (°) of the heeling (HLG). HLG is set to zero and the heading shows the correct value.



Simrad GoFree WiFi

The image below illustrates how to find the IP address of the GoFree WiFi device. You may also use the discovery by setting the IP address and the port 2050 (NSS 2.0) or 2052 (NSS 2.5). The application selects the first available MFD.

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